About Us

At Cambridge Online Academy, we are fully committed to helping young people around the world get a top-quality education. As part of the Cambridge Assessment International Education programme, we aim to give children world-class instruction that will prepare them for a productive, rich, fulfilling future.

For over 800 years, Cambridge University has been a shining beacon for quality education. Now children around the world can learn through the Cambridge International Education Programme, the world’s leading international education program with over 8 million candidates attending classes in 160 countries.

In this new era when students, their families, and educators alike are searching for options for learning offered at a distance, Cambridge Online Academy makes quality education from home possible.

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Aims and Mission

As an independent online programme, Cambridge Online Academy offers students aged 7-19 a safe, friendly, and supportive online ecosystem. Here they will be given not only the skills and knowledge needed to pass qualifications but also entire approaches to learning that will serve them throughout their lives.

Working closely with top-quality instructors as well as employing tested and vetted independent learning tools as outlined in our study principles ensures that students will learn the critical thinking skills needed to enter top universities and fields of study. At the heart of our ethos is a drive to teach students how to learn independently for both understanding and application, and to fully prepare them for the world of the future in a happy, pleasant environment.

Cambridge Online Academy aims to help children develop into productive, independent adults with meaningful, fulfilling lives. We want to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and abilities they need to achieve their personal goals.

Unlocking the world of knowledge that is available to today’s kids is our ultimate goal, thus creating a new generation of adults who never stop learning.